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Birthday Parties

Splatter Party!

Please select from dates available!

Please read "Additional information" below!

Party Location 613 Pandora Avenue

Party Themes

Choose the theme that works best for you!

What type of craft is your child interested in? We give different options for each party. Ex: If you choose clay and your child is interested in making cats we will do our best to accommodate their interest!

We want to make your child's party special and fun as possible!

How to book a party?

Choose from the available dates listed on the booking calendar! 

Please have each child's parent attending the party fill out the waiver!



What does a Splatter party include?

Goody Bag- Your birthday child and party guest all walk away with a craft, t-shirt and small prize!

Decorations- We also make sure the room is decorated to make the birthday child feel special!

Splattering- Each child splatters their own t-shirt or tote bag using fabric sprayers, we have 8 different colors for them to make their very own creation!

Craft- We get to create our own masterpieces to take home and be proud of! Splatters will create a craft specific for your child once you choose your theme! Contact Amy by email to discuss personalized craft

Added bonus: Interactive craft/game

(This is a fun way to finish our craft time, so you have a few minutes to get food/cake ready)

Finally there is 30-40 minutes left for you to do cake/food and gifts etc.

Kaleidoscope Arts Centre building is flame free, meaning birthday candles with flame are not permitted. For our parties we offer a remote flame candle that we lend you that still gives that special birthday wish feel. We offer 3 different remote control  candles. When it's time to blow out those candles all you have to do is wave your magic paint brush and the flame goes out and wish is made!






How does pricing work


Splatter/Craft Party- $210 Two Hours 8 children

Splatters studio is located within the Kaleidoscope Art Centre

Craft Party (Does not include Splattering)- $160 Two Hours up to 8 children

Splatters studio is located within the Kaleidoscope Art Centre

Additional information

Deposit- $50 dollar deposit is required once booking.

Payment-  Remainder of payment must be made on the day of the party.

Cancellation- must give 96 hours notice of cancellation to receive your deposit back. 

Guests during a party- Our birthday parties rooms are only able to accommodate the parents of the birthday child along with the party guests.

Garbage free facility- The building is a garbage free facility. When planning your party with us please plan on taking home with you what you bring.

Splatters Studio- We have a 10 x 11 studio room that accommodates birthday parties. We have a two small tables set up for cake presents etc. 



Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Create with Clay! The pictures are samples of pens that children have made using clay! We can create many different things though using clay! We can work together to choose the perfect theme for your child!


Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Make your own ! We create a portable game to carry with you! Tic Tac Toe or a Memory Game!

Tic Tac Toe supplies include:

Rocks, Paint Pens, Design your bag with your board and decorate it.

Memory Game supplies include:

Wood Tiles, Paint pens


Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Make your own ! Create your own unique painting. 

Rock Tree supplies include: Rocks, Paint Pens, Paint for your tree.

Aquarium painting supplies include:

Clay, Paint, fake plants, rocks.


Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Make your own ! Create your own Stuffy! 

Rock Tree supplies include: Felt,

plastic sewing needles, different materials for decorations,

hot glue gun. (Used by adult)

This is the most popular theme! We will pre-cut felt for your choice of stuffy.


Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Make your own ! Create your own Puzzle! 

Puzzle supplies include: Puzzle pieces, paint pens.





Splatter a t-shirt, Canvas or Tote bag

Make your own ! Paint your own Mug or Plate! 

Puzzle supplies include: Paint, Mug/Plate, Permanent marker, sealer.

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