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Summer Schedule

Summer Camps

$35 per day

Our Summer camps are designed to select what works best for you and your child! You are able to choose the exact day you need! We offer a 3-hour camp Monday-Thursdays. Our camp includes creating a different project each time using many different materials and supplies. Each day of the week has a certain theme so if your child loves making certain things like painting or clay you can select the day that best suits them!




We will be getting creative using different types of clay!



We explore using paint! Different ways to paint. Everything from paintings to painting items we have made etc.


Will be all about using our imagination to make a fun craft! 

 Ex: Sock puppets, teacup gardens, robot hands, memory games, tic tac toe games, stain glass cardstock windows, and lots more.


We be creating with epoxy/resin. We will make pens, bookmarks, keychains etc. This class will require parents to pick their child's project up the next day.

August 28th-Sept 1st

Kaleidoscope & Splatters Art Studio join together for a fun art/acting camp. Spend half the day staging a play and the other half creating props, set pieces and costumes for the show, at the end of the week for family and friends!

Please register through Kaleidoscopes website


Currently waiting list being taken

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