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Parent's Night Out!

Parent's drop your child for a fun evening of Arts & Crafts while you

enjoy a couple hours to yourselves! 

April 19th

May 24th


Splatters Art Studio is excited to announce our new studio location within the

Kaleidoscope Art Center.

613 Pandora Avenue


As a small local business I just want to say thank you first of all for visiting our site! If you have any questions or feedback please send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate your questions or concerns!

Arts & Crafts

Summer Camps!

July 8th-11th

Monday- Clay (Pen, Pen cup holder, Journal)

Tuesday- Paint (Zipper Painting)

Wednesday- Craft (Wooden Magic Cube)

Thursday- Epoxy (Game or Puzzle)

July 15th-18th

Monday- Clay (Create our own Characters)

Tuesday- Paint (Create/Paint our own TV in a box)

Wednesday- Craft (Make a foosball game)

Thursday- Epoxy (Game or Puzzle)

August 12th-15th

Monday- Clay (Dinosaur fossil & Clay House)

Tuesday- Paint (Canvas painting) 3 types of painting.

Wednesday- Craft (Vending machine)

Thursday- Epoxy (Game or Puzzle)

August 19th-20th

Monday- Clay (Create a scene out of clay)

Tuesday- Paint (Canvas Beach painting using salt paint) 

Wednesday- Craft (Board game in a box.)

Thursday- Epoxy (Game or Puzzle)

July 29th-August 1st

Monday- Clay (Fairy (Clay) Tea Cup Garden)

Tuesday- Paint (Owl Painting)

Wednesday- Craft (Interactive box video game)

Thursday- Epoxy (Game or Puzzle)

All camps are located at Splatters studio located at 613 Pandora Ave within Kaleidoscope Arts Centre

Check out Kaleidoscope's
up and coming shows!
Don't miss out!


Our Services

Splatters Artist's!

Our Values

Learn. Create. Inspire.

At Splatters we are passionate about creating experiences that engage your minds and promote creativity and imagination. In a world of screens, our focus is to bring a tactile experience that solidifies fun and positive memories for your children. Sustainability is our goal, using as much recycled and repurposed material in order to keep stuff out of the landfill.

Boy in Art Class

Who am I

How I Got Here

Splatters Art Studio was born out of a desire to support young artists all over Victoria, I have been working with children for the past 14 years and being a mom myself, I have watched my own children experience this incredible sense of accomplishment with art and the sense of pride it instills in them. Their imaginations open up and it creates this endless thought of what can I do next! When you have a small group of children who can not only socialize and make new friends, but also expand their imaginations as a group together, it creates this wonderful environment which increases their confidence and creativity.

Art Class

Contact Us

3161 Service Street, Saanich, BC, V8P4M6, Canada

Text: 250-507-5116

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